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Adopt-A-Park Program: Safety Tips
1.  No horseplay of any type should be tolerated

2.  No intoxicating liquid, beverage or illegal drugs will be allowed.

3.  Participants should wear gloves, a good quality shoe (no open toed shoes or shower clogs) and light or bright-colored protective clothing.  No clothing should be worn that hinders the visibility of the participant(s).

4.  For very hot weather, an adequate water supply should be available.

5.  A good pair of sunglasses, cap and sun block should be considered.

6  Avoid suspected toxic/hazardous substances, poison ivy, poison oak, noxious weeds; areas where herbicides were applied recently, places, places where snakes, wasps, fire ants or other insects may be located.

7.  Be extremely careful when picking up broken glass, cut aluminum cans or barbed wire.  Do not pick up needles.  Call the Fire Department at (386) 860-7177 for pick up and proper disposal.

8.  Do not attempt to lift heavy objects.  Report the description and location to the Adopt-A-Park Coordinator at (407) 936-1984 or (386) 878-8900 and ask for a pick up.  Call Waste Services for  removal of dead animals at (386) 574-0778 or (386) 574-0723.
9.  Work should be done at times avoiding the heat of the day, but when there is good visibility.

10. In CASE OF EMERGENCY: Know the route to the nearest emergency center or Hospital in case of serious injury.  Have transportation readily available.

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