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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.      How many parks are there in the City?

A.      There are 21 parks within the City of Deltona.  Gemini Springs, Mariners Cove and Green Springs are county parks and not city parks.

Q.      What time are your parks open?

A.      All parks are usually open between 7:30-8:00 a.m. and close at dusk. Please note that some parks can open later as it takes our park attendant a while to get to all the parks, depending on where he starts.

Q.      Where is the Thornby Park located?

A.      Thornby Park is located at 110 Providence Blvd. towards the end of Providence Blvd. going towards Lakeshore Drive.

Q.      Is there a dog park in the City?

A.      Yes, Keysville Dog Park is located at 2461 Keysville Avenue (off Howland Blvd. near to Providence).

Q.      Do any of your parks have volleyball courts?

A.      Yes.  Campbell Park and Lake Gleason Park.

Q.      Which parks have a walking trail?

A.      Wes Crile Park at 1537 Norbert Terrace; Dewey Boster Sports Complex at 1200 Saxon Blvd.; Campbell Park at 1315 Briarwood Avenue and Tom Hoffman Park at 1751 Whipple Drive.

Q.      Do you know the length of the trails?

A.      Yes.  Wes Crile Park is 4/10 of a mile; Dewey Boster Sports Complex is 1-1/4 miles; Campbell Park is 2/5 of a mile and Tom Hoffman is 3/10 of a mile.

Q.      Are there any tennis courts at your parks?

A.      Yes, tennis courts are at Campbell, Harris Saxon and Wes Crile Parks.

Q.      Which parks have outdoor basketball courts?

A.      Dwight Hawkins, Firefighters Memorial, Harris Saxon, Manny Rodriguez, Lake Butler Skate Park, Timber Ridge and Wes Crile Parks.

Q.      Are there any softball fields?

A.      Yes, softball fields are at Dwight Hawkins, Dupont Lakes and Wes Crile Parks.

Q.      Do you provide electricity at any of your parks?

A.      No we do not.


Q.      How do I reserve/rent a pavilion?

A.      All pavilion rentals are scheduled through the Parks & Recreation Department located at City Hall by calling (386) 878-8900.  We will hold your reservation for 24 hours.  If payment is not made within that period your reservation will be canceled.

Q.      What is the fee to rent a pavilion?

A.      There is a flat, non-refundable fee to rent any pavilion in any of the parks in the City.  It is $35.00 for half a day or $70 for the full day.  Payment can be made by MONEY ORDER, VISA OR MASTER CARD.   Money Order should be made payable to the CITY OF DELTONA, not to the Parks Department.   

Q.      How many hours can I rent it for?

A.      During the summer months (June-August) there are two (2) time slots to choose from:  10:00am-3:00pm or 3:30-8:30pm.   For the rest of the year the pavilion rental time can be scheduled for the time frame that you would like, either for a half day or a full day.

Q.      Why do I have to rent the pavilion?  Why can't I just go and use it?

A.      If you reserve and pay for a pavilion and someone is already there using the pavilion when you arrive, you can ask that person(s) to leave, because you paid to use it.  If you want to use a pavilion but did not reserve or pay for it, and someone is already there when you arrive, you cannot ask that person to leave. The pavilions are not always rented, so anyone from the public is free to use them but it would be on a first come, first serve basis. The most popular rentals occur at Campbell Park, Dewey Boster, Festival Park and Wes Crile Park.

Q.      Do you provide electricity or water?

A.      No, the City does not provide electricity or water for your event at any of our parks.

Q.      Can I take a bounce house or water slide to any park when I rent a pavilion?

A.      No.  Bounce houses are only allowed at Campbell Park.   You cannot use a water slide as we do not provide water.  A generator is required as we also do not provide electricity.  If you take a bounce house to Campbell Park, the company providing the bounce house will need to provide a Certificate of Insurance to the Parks and Recreation Department and that Certificate has to list the City of Deltona as an additional insured and the City has to be endorsed on the policy.  The company can contact us at (386) 878-8900 or fax the requested information to (386) 878-8901.  You may also call us at (386) 878-8900 for an approved list of bounce house companies who have already provided their insurance information.  We do not provide electricity.  The company providing the service has to provide the power (generator) to operate the bounce house(s).

Q.      Can I rent the 2 storey gazebo at Campbell Park for a party or wedding?

A.      No, the gazebo cannot be rented.  It is a public walk-through to the boat dock and can be used by anyone visiting the park, but you can take pictures in the gazebo on the top or ground level.


Q.      Where is the Amphitheater located?

A.      The Amphitheater is located at the Deltona Library at 2150 Eustace Avenue, off Providence Blvd.

Q.      Do you charge for the concerts?

A.      No, all our concerts are provided as a free service to our residents.

Q.      Can I rent the Amphitheater?

A.      For amphitheater rental information please contact Mark Manning at 386-878-8905.


Q.      Where is your splash park located?

A.      It is located at Wes Crile Park at 1537 Norbert Terrace which is at the corner of Ft. Smith Blvd. and Norbert Terrace.

Q.      What are the hours of operation?

A.      The Splash Pad hours are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.everyday Tuesday to Sunday.   It is closed on Mondays for maintenance.

Q.      What is the cost to use the Splash Pad?

A.      There is no fee to use the Splash Pad.  It is a free service provided for all the residents.

Q.      Can the Splash Pad be reserved?

A.      No, you cannot reserve the splash pad.

Q.      When does the season end for the Splash Pad?

A.      The Splash Pad closes in September.  The exact date will be posted at Wes Crile Park.


Q.      How many lakes are there in the City that you take your boat?

A.      There are 2 lakes you can use - Lake Monroe and Lake Gleason.

Q.      Is there a lake where I can go kayaking?

A.      You can kayak on Lake McGarity at Campbell Park.

Q.      Can we swim in any lake in Deltona?

A.      No. Swimming is not allowed in any of our lakes per the Health Department.

Q.      Who do I call if I see someone dumping trash in the lake?

A.      The Department of Environment Protection (DEP) District Office for Volusia County at (407) 897-2910.

Q.      Is the City responsible for airboats on Lake McGarity?

A.      No.  That is outside the City's jurisdiction.  That falls under the Florida Fish and Wildlife

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