Common Code Violations

For more information about all City Codes and Ordinances please see City Ordinances.

  1. Trash & Debris
  2. Garage Sales
  3. Overgrown Weeds & Grass
  4. Parking
  5. Signs
  6. Swimming Pools
  7. Inoperable Vehicles
  8. Work without a permit
  9. Elevation of Land
  10. Home Business

Junk, trash, and debris cannot be left in the yard and must be properly disposed of. This includes junk auto parts, appliances, furniture, building materials, and tires; trash such as discarded paper, cardboard, plastics, etc.; and debris such as tree trimmings and fallen limbs.

Please note: For more information on how to dispose of these items properly please visit the Solid Waste Division page or contact 386-878-8723.