Parks & Recreation

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Parks and Recreation Online Portal is now available in our lobby at City Hall for reservation and payment of rental facilities and amenities. You may also continue to book online from the comfort of your home.

Visit the Deltona Parks and Recreation Programs and Facility Reservations.

Mission Statement

To provide a variety of active and passive recreation opportunities for persons of all ages and abilities; to provide quality and visually appealing maintenance of parks, buildings and athletic facilities; to work in unison with private, public, youth and adult sports organizations, community groups and others to ensure service provision; and to identify trends and opportunities, as well as concerns and issues, and initiate actions to address each.

Functional Duties

The City of Deltona's Parks and Recreation Department's mission is to "create community and enhance the quality of life in Deltona through people, programs and partnerships." We desire to optimize the use of our municipal facilities for public purposes and to increase the opportunities for adult and youth recreational programs in the City. Our department oversees 304 acres which include 21 developed parks and several facilities. Our staff members are responsible for: coordination of City-sponsored athletic leagues, recreation programs, special events, building and ball field maintenance, turf and landscape maintenance, custodial upkeep and establishing partnerships with over 22 local associations. All lands and improvements thereon dedicated and provided, along with related City services, are for the purpose of advancing these public recreational opportunities. All parks, facilities, and recreation programs are utilized in a fiscally responsible manner.

ADA Compliance

Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, Deltona Parks and Recreation must make reasonable accommodations to allow a person with a disability to take part in a program, service or activity. If you believe that you will not be able to understand or take part in a program or activity because of your disability, please let us know of your disability needs in advance. Call the Parks and Recreation office, 386-878-8900.

Our Goals

  • Continue to increase park capacity for youth sports participants.
  • Complete beautification of plantings around City gateways.
  • Improve responsiveness to customer complaints within a 24-hour period through increased customer service training.
  • Enhance beautification of all Parks and Recreation facilities to align them with the City's uniform landscape template.
  • Continue to improve and upgrade Deltona facilities to ensure accessibility and inclusiveness visitors and residents.
  • Implemented new online registration system for facility and pavilion rentals.

Our Objectives

  • Build internal partnerships with the essential service providers to meet community needs.
  • Continue to manage facility use agreements (new/renewed/revised).
  • Ensure all maintenance/service contracts meet performance standards.
  • Aggressively market department and programming services. Continue to improve programming name recognition utilizing the City email and website pages.
  • Continue to seek leaders and leadership development opportunities (i.e. fiscal management, strategic modeling, metric analysis) from the business community and other areas outside traditional parks and recreation.
  • Utilize available grant funding opportunities to enhance facilities and program services.

Trends & Highlights

Deltona Parks and Recreation desires to optimize the use of its municipal facilities for public purposes and to increase the opportunities for adult and youth recreational programs in the City. As part of our continued effort in achieving this goal, the City of Deltona has continued to make recreation programs an important component for the citizens. Recently, the City was able to renovate several facilities which were in need of enhancement to better serve the citizens of Deltona of all ages.

Recent improvements include:

  • Wes Crile Park: Added walking trail lights, new LED monument sign, re-roofed gymnasium and upgraded security cameras. Conducted numerous youth basketball camps and re-instituted our youth basketball league.
  • Vann Park: Added security cameras.
  • Keysville Dog Park: Added security cameras and replaced the playground with a new accessible and inclusive playground.
  • Lake Butler Skate Park: Installed a new shade structure and added new video cameras enhancing security.
  • Dewey O. Boster Sports Complex: Added new inclusive accessible playground, exercise station modules and shade structures.
  • Lake Gleason Park: Added security cameras.
  • Veterans Museum Memorial Park: Upgraded security cameras.
  • Dwight Hawkins Park: Added security cameras.
  • Veterans Museum Memorial Park: Added security cameras. Working on a new LED monument sign.
  • Manny Rodriguez Park: Replaced wooden picket fence with aluminum picket fence. Added security cameras.
  • Campbell Park: Renovated the boardwalk and added new all inclusive, accessible playground.
  • Eggstravaganza: Over 4,500 children were in attendance this year.
  • Halloween Spooktacular: which continues to grow each year with over 20,000 in attendance.
  • Wags and Whiskers Pet Festival: has increased in popularity with over 249 dogs and 35 cats participating at the Keysville Dog Park.
  • Holiday events: Over 650 children and families have attended Santa's North Pole and the accompanying Winter Wonderland of decorations provided by staff.
  • Partnered with several not-for-profit organizations providing logistical support in hosting community events at Dewey Boster, thereby offering a cultural environment in the Deltona community.
  • Continue to host the Community Health Expo and the Deltona Arts and Crafts Festival at City Hall.
  • We continue to provide successful adult/youth athletic leagues. Additionally, we partner with several youth not-for-profit sports organizations to provide opportunities for citizenry to participate in T-ball, Little League baseball, softball, soccer, basketball and tackle football/cheerleading.