Streetlighting Districts

StreetlightingGetting Started

In order to create a “Streetlighting district”, the requestor will petition the owners of all properties located on the street.  The requestor will need at least 51% of the property owners to sign the petition agreeing to become a Streetlighting District. *Rental properties do not apply.

Once the representative has gathered at least 51% of the property owners signatures they submit the petition along with the recorded plat for the subdivision or a legal description of the boundaries described by metes and bounds platted as a property ownership map along with the name address and telephone number for the  “districts official representative”.  

Once the petition is received, the City will verify the signatures and coordinate with the utility company to define the area that will be included in the district. The utility company will provide a cost estimate for the installation of the streetlights. City staff will prepare the appropriate resolutions and preliminary assessment roll. The resolution will include the total estimated charge, and the method of payment. The roll will indicate how much each property owner will pay per parcel owned within the Streetlighting District on their tax assessments. Creation of a Streetlighting District requires the adoption of two resolutions by the City Commission. If all owners approve, then there is an adoption of two resolutions by the City Commission.

Adoption of Resolution & Assessment Roll Public Hearing

Prior to a hearing, each owner will be notified in writing about the proposed property improvements, the total amount they would pay on their parcel(s), the date, time and place of the public hearing. After written notification and publication of a legal ad, the City Commission will conduct a public hearing on the proposed resolution and assessment roll. Residents can voice their support or opposition to the proposed Streetlighting District. The City Commission will adopt or reject the project by majority vote on the proposed resolution and final assessment roll. If the resolution is adopted, the streetlights are then scheduled for installation through the utility company.

Quick Facts

A district will only be considered if 10 or more lights are warranted.

Streetlights are paid for by the property owners on their yearly tax assessment. Annually it will cost approximately $25 to $100 per year, per lot, depending upon the number and type of streetlights selected. The first years assessment includes the cost of the installation and the fee for engineering and coordination of the district which will result in the first year being  higher  then the future years assessments.

To request a repair of an existing streetlight, contact:

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