Traffic Calming

Your Board of City Commissioners is aware that speeding and excessive traffic volume are two of the most common residential traffic complaints reported to local law enforcement and traffic engineering officials.            

Development in certain areas in Deltona has drastically increased the number of vehicles on the roads during peak commuter hours. Frustrated commuters often resort to the use of local roads and streets to bypass congested highways or overloaded intersections. Usually in a hurry to get to work or home, commuters often ignore speed limits. The result is an ever-increasing number of concerns from residential areas over safety and quality of life issues. 

Residents who live on these roads perceive a danger to their life or property, while others fear increased auto exhaust pollution, road noise, crime or hazards to walkers, joggers and bicycle riders. Such concerns can lead neighborhoods to organize in an effort to convince elected officials to take action to alleviate these situations. Solutions are presented in a free booklet called "Residential Traffic Calming Handbook" and "Neighborhood Traffic Calming Handbook". 

To have a copy of the Residential Traffic Calming Handbook mailed to you, please telephone the Traffic Operations Division, at 386-878-8950.

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