How do I request to speak before the City Commission?

At all Regular Commission meetings, forms are available to request to appear before the City Commission to speak on items of concern. These forms are placed on the table just inside the Commission Chambers or you can fill out and submit the form electronically in advance of the meeting by going to the Mayor and City Commission page and selecting "Request To Speak". If you wish to speak before the City Commission on items of concern you may do so during Public Comments, you will need to complete the form and turn it into the City Clerk sitting at the front of the room on the right side of the Chambers (the desk with the computer). Once the Commission gets to the Public Comments' portion of the meeting, all individuals requesting to speak will be called upon, one by one, in the order the forms were received. If you wish to speak regarding a topic that is on an agenda make sure you specify on the "Request to Speak" form which item it is on the agenda. The Mayor will open the floor for comments on all agenda items, and will call upon members of the public to speak at the time each agenda item comes before the Commission. Please state your name and address at the beginning of your comments for the record.

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