What is the Flood Safety Checklist?

Well Before a Storm Event

  • Tree pruning and trimming may lessen the possibility of uprooting.

Just Before a Storm Event

  • Stock up on drinking water (at least one quart per person per day) and nonperishable food supplies.
  • Relocate furniture/appliances off the floor.
  • Pick up all loose debris and objects around your home. Bring exterior furniture and potted plants, etc. indoors.
  • Turn the refrigerator to the coldest setting.
  • Place your valuables in watertight containers.
  • Check on the elderly, disabled, or others who may need assistance.
  • Turn off all utilities at the main switch.

During a Storm Event

  • Confine your pets to an area that is not flooded. For information on where to board your pets, visit Volusia County's Website.
  • Watch where you're stepping in flooded structures because unseen debris could cause injury and always wear closed-toe shoes.
  • Stay indoors until the official "all clear" is given by the County or City.

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