How does the City of Deltona obtain pricing?

The City of Deltona utilizes the following methods of purchasing: formal Request for Proposals (RFP), formal Invitation to Bids (ITB) and informal Request for Quotations (RFQ –written or phone). Formal solicitations, RFPs and IFBs, require the posting of a public notice, submission of a sealed bid or proposal, public bid opening and an award by the proper authority. Formal IFBs and RFPs are for purchases in excess of $25,000.

The City of Deltona also utilizes DemandStar for obtaining quotes through its QuoteWire. Informal requests for quotations may be either written or oral or obtained through Quotewire. Although a sealed bid technique is not used, all informal quotations are made on a competitive basis securing quotes from at least three vendors whenever possible.

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