What are permits?

Permits help to ensure that all codes are properly followed in our community. A Permit is a written communication authorizing work to be done. If work is done without permits, you can jeopardize your chances of obtaining financing, violate state and local ordinances requiring permits which may lead to a Code Enforcement action, and create problems when you sell your property. There are several different types of permits, based on the type of construction: building (for architectural and structural work), electrical, plumbing and mechanical.

Applying for permits is the first step. You may need to submit construction drawings for plan check review that include a plot plan of your property showing existing and proposed improvements. There are many checklists to help you through this process.

Once your plans are approved, you are required to build the project according to those plans. If any changes are made to the plans, the revised plans must be reviewed by the Building Services Department.

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